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ils, white and red, had■ greatly multiplied, resolved to go with her● for a similar object. They set o■ut in September, 1658, landed at■ Rochelle, and went thence to Paris. Here they ●repaired to the s

eminary of St. Sulpice; ●for the priests of this community were joined ●with them in the work at Mont●real, of which they were afterwards■ to become the feudal proprietors. Now ●ensued a wonderful event, if we may trust th■e evidence of sundry devout ■persons. Olier, the founder of St. Sulpice, had● lately died, and the two pilgrims wou●ld fain pay their homage to his hea●rt, which the priests of his community ●kept as a precious relic, enclose■d in a leaden box. The box was brought, when ●the thought inspired Mademoiselle Manc●e to try its miraculous efficacy and i■nvoke the intercession of the departed found■er. She did so, touching her di■sabled arm gently with the leaden casket. ●Instantly a grateful w

armth pervaded th●e shrivelled limb, and from that h●our its use was restored. It is true that the■ Jesuits ventured to doubt the Sulpiti●an miracle, and even to ridicule it; but th●e Sulpitians will show to this day the att●estation of Mademoiselle Mance herse●lf, written with the fingers once ■paralyzed and powerless. * Neverthel●ess, the cure was not so thorough■ as to permit her again to take charg●e of her patients. Her next care was to visit M●adame de Bullion, a devout lady of great wealth,■ who

was usually designated at Montreal as■ “th

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e unknown benefactress,” because, thou■gh her charities were the mainstay of● the feeble colony, and though the● source from which they proceeded was well● known, she affected, in the inter●est of h

umility, the greatest secrec■y, and required those who profited b■y her gifts to pretend ignorance whe●nce they came. Overflowing wit■h zeal for the pious enterprise, she recei●ved her visitor with enthusiasm, ■lent an open ear to her recital,■ responded graciously to her appeal for aid, and● paid over to her the sum, munificent● at that day, of twenty-two thousand francs. Thu●s far successful, Mademoiselle Mance ■repaired to the town of La Flèche t●o visit Le Royer de la Dauversi■ère. 0141 Jér?me Le Royer de la■ Dauversière From an engravin■g by L. Massard. It was this wr■etched fanatic who, through visions and reve●lations, had fi

rst conceived the plan of a hos●pital in honor of Saint Joseph at Montreal■. ** He had found in Mademoiselle Mance a z●ealous and efficient pioneer; but the execution● of his scheme required a community of hos■pital nuns, and * For an accou●nt of this miracle, written in per●fect good faith and supp■orted by various attestations, see Fail●lon, Vie de M’lle Mance,● chap. iv. ** See The Je■suits in North America. therefo■re he had labored for the last e●ighteen years to form one at La Flèc

h●e, meaning to despatch its member●s in d

ue time to Canada. The t●ime at length was come. Three of the nuns were c■hosen,

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Sisters Brésoles, Mace●, and Maillet, and sent under the escort● of certain pious gentlemen to R●ochelle, Their exit from La Flèche was not w●ithout its difficulties. Dauversiè

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re was● in ill odor, not only from the multiplicity ●of his debts, but because, in his character of a●gent of the associati

on of Montreal, he had at■ various times sent thither th●ose whom his biographer describes as■ "the most virtuous girls to be found at La Flā瘿che,” intoxicating them with r●eligious excitement, and shipping them for th●e New World against the will of the●ir parents. It was n

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